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Library.nu alternatives

Updated on August 31th, 2018
Are you looking for some good alternatives to the lost gigapedia, library.nu, legalreads.com, coinread.com,  bookos.org or libgen.info?
Well, here is a list that I update quite often and whenever you (yes, you!) give me new entries (also anonymously in the comments below).
PLEASE do not ask me to download something for you!

Currently, many of you reach this page searching words like "en.bookfi.org alternatives", "library.nu alternatives" or "ebookoid", well I am not sure this will be the case in the near future... :(
Due to the new guidelines against piracy, in the future, this post MAY NOT be listed among the search results you'll get from Google and/or  Bing. For this reason, I suggest you to save this page as bookmark in your browser, if you want to be always able to reach it :)

Let's start with some 100% free and legal alternatives to Library.nu

The best library.nu alternatives ...

Just to be clear, *most* of the websites listed below DO NOT seem very legal, since they could host copyrighted material, as a consequence you use them at *your* own risk! Understood? Well!
In this case, here are the alternatives to library.nu you were looking for.... and if you know other links, just send me a message or leave a comment and I will update this post!


[http://bookzz.org/ and http://en.bookfi.org/ are dead ...]

http://mirknig.com (in Russian, but typing something in a search field should not be a problem ... )







http://lib.org.by/   It hosts books listed by category. Partially in Russian! (but you can translate the whole website with google translator ... )

http://mirtitles.org/  specialized in the MIR titles (excellent collection of science books of the Soviet Union). An absolute must!







http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ (search engine)

http://btdigg.org/ (torrents)

http://www.freeetextbooks.com (login required, torrents)

http://www.textbooknova.com/ (login required, torrents)

... other alternatives ...









http://librarypirate.ph/ (login required)

http://www.myanonamouse.net/ (login required)

http://bibliotik.org/ (login required)

http://www.warez-bb.org/ (login required)

some tech specific links
These sites are for tech books i.e. programming, engineering, mathematics etc.



... the dead links!




An important note  
Remember that piracy is a crime and keep in mind that knowledge requires time, work and money so it must have a (reasonable) cost!!!
Buy always the all books you *really* need, and if it can help you, consider their prices in terms of "cocktail ", "beer", "wine", "nutella-can" or "whatever-you-are-addicted-to" units...
I mean you can always (yes, always!!!) save money for a good book if you cut some nonessential expenses like the aforementioned  alcoholic stuff... Just a suggestion!
Do not forget that, sometimes, you can get a very cheap copy of your book on Amazon, eBay or AbeBooks.
On this option,  there are two wonderful websites that I highly recommend to use, before buying a new/used book:



About Amazon, there is also a link on the right ---->>>
If you really want to spend not even a penny, here is a very good repository with  FREE scientific material and it is 100 % legal!

Remember that "If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin


An important remark 
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 This will help make the world a better place and you will feel less guilty using sci-hub & co.!


If you have read until this point, I want to let you know I am really (really!) proud of you!
And in this case, as a gift, I want to suggest you other posts you may be interested in...

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James Smith said...

heres another alternative


Ed said...

I updated the post with your link, thank you!

Manuel Bonik said...

add ebookoid.com to the list

eddie said...

Thanks a lot!

Petros said...

http://coinread.com/ is RIP now.

eddie said...

Thanks! I moved it in the list of dead links.

Alfonso Flórez said...

Does anyone know if ebookoid is off?

Anonymous said...

it seems ebookoid is dead as well

eddie said...

No, it works.

eddie said...

Sorry for the late answer... the url http://ebookoid.org/ seems to work!

Sony said...

Thanks a lot ...........

eddie said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

I found excellent books at ebookoid.com, but I have to donate to be VIP by getting ebookoid credits.
I am afraid of scams?
Do you know if it is safe and real?

eddie said...

I don't know but, as always, when in doubt... better not do it! There are also other websites and, anyway, it's much more safe to buy the original book(s) when you can.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I was searching for this info. for a long time. Thanks again for your help! I would buy as many books as I can (I don't drink :))

eddie said...

I am glad to be helpful :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list!

One more source: ebook3000.com is also decent.


eddie said...

Thanks to you! Just added to the list!


http://ebookoid.net/ demanded for credit what i can do

eddie said...

As I wrote above... when in doubt don't do it!
This is just my advice...

Pu said...


This seems dead...

eddie said...

It seems so and I updated the post, thanks!

Pu said...


Anonymous said...

Your site can still be found on Google. First page, even. I googled "library nu" and "library nu alternatives". For the latter, your site comes in second. Thumbs up!

eddie said...

Good to know :)

Anonymous said...

ebookoid.com is the guy who is the ebook king and has all the collection of library.nu which was also kept hidden from others. This greedy guy has all the ebooks of the world more than anyone else. He posted some ads on reddit. He has unique stuff but he is dying for money. In recent days, he has contracted the greed fever due to the money transfer mechanism of Amazon gift cards that can be bought for cash from Walmart stores. Thus, he has jacked up all his free ebooks (due to their presence on bookfi) to $0.01 which means he forces you to pay him something. In the past, his policies have been fitful and erratic. Often you would do lots of work or upload and he wont give you nothin for your work. I urge people to defeat this SOB by making a forum where to buy once and distribute many. I think this guy is some indian guy as he posted on reddit. Kim Dotcom disguised as a chinese from HongKong but turned out to be a German European. This guy might very well be an Israeli. These are nationalities for penchant for scam, hacking and greed like Madoff and Raj Rajaratnam. It would be different if they were like a true Robinhood giving to the poor.

eddie said...

I published your comment, so people around here can read it.
Thanks for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.

I've been looking for a plug-in like this for quite
some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this.
Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

Feel free to surf to my blog post visite

eddie said...

Are you looking for something like this? ( option number 1 )


Just log-in on your twitter page, create the widget and paste the JavaScript code where you want on your blog. Just tried it, worked!

Keep following my blog :)

Pu said...

One web for ebooks:

eddie said...

Thanks! Added!

Anonymous said...

try tuebl.ca

eddie said...

added! thanks!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this nice list. The following setence caught my attention: "as a consequence you use them at *your* own risk! Understood? Well!"

May I ask what the risks are?


eddie said...

Thanks for your comment.
I made the sentence clearer by adding that the listed websites could contain copyrighted material.

Anonymous said...

your website has offered lots of help and I really appreciate your effort but like Oliver Twist we ask for more

eddie said...

That was nice!
New links from you or other visitors are highly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Does ebookoid.com still working?

Anonymous said...

It seems working



this is one of the best website for downloading books
Abid Hussain NDU Library Islamabad

eddie said...

Thanks for your contribution!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, i wasn´t find the book that i looking for, but i found several in other subject for my new work.
I´m very grateful.

eddie said...

I am glad it was useful to you! Keep following the blog!

Pu said...

Here's another good site:


It has existed for quite long time.

eddie said...

Thank Pu for your new contribution!

Pu said...

Just saw another ebook search engine site.


It looks great.

eddie said...

Hello Pu!
Thanks again for your precious contribution! I have just updated the post!

Pu said...

http://lib.org.by/ might be down.

Anonymous said...

OK everything are fine but even in the days of the mighty library.nu, there was an even mightier place for searching and downloading for ebooks.
Not that fancy looking as library.nu but with more powerful search and more importantly with more books!

And this is of course Library Genesis, or LG for short and the link is: http://libgen.org/
(http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ is a search engine for LG but does not have all newer books)

LG is mostly about scientific books. It's the biggest heaven for scientific books in the whole galaxy!! :-)
And its getting updated every day with requests from us(http://genofond.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6399)

Downloading from LG is somewhat tricky. The usable links are [1] and [3] in the mirrors area.
That's also another amazing advantage of LG, that its contents never die so you don't have to deal with the nightmare of dead links.

[3] is much faster but [1] contains ALL ebooks on LG but it's slower and it's STRONGLY advised to download it with a download manager(e.g flashget or IDM).

Anonymous said...

Please suggest the best link to access scopus.com. Thanking you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Library Genesis is hosted on slow servers.

Another good alternatives are bookfi.org and bookzz.org.

AvaxHome, aaaaarg.org and Mobilism do not require registration to download.

Genofond.org now links to one of LG's official forums.

More alternatives are Bibliotikus.net, MirKnig.com (Russian), and ebooks-it.org.

Bookgo is dead.

@Pu lib.org.by is up and running.

eddie said...

Dear Anonymous thanks for your valuable contributions!

Anonymous said...

Please remove biblioticus.net from your list. It's a commercial site. Just tried to download a "free" ebook. No go :(

eddie said...

thanks for your comment! Post updated!

Anonymous said...

Add this too www.plentyofebooks.net

Anonymous said...

Is there anything for SAE books, paper and standards?

eddie said...

No specific link for that, sorry!

Nikhil chotai said...

Can any body help
how to download chinese paper Like

Chen, Y.; Xu, H.; Tao, G.; Wang, X.; Liu, H.; Jia, G. Research and progress of the compressed air
vehicle. Chin. J. Mech. Eng. 2002, 38, 7–11.

J Krishna said...

alter native to library genesiss

Unknown said...

Can you update this great blog. Some of the links are dead by now.e.g. aaaaarg. And I am sure some very good sites came in the last 2 years.

Yosan Girma said...

Please update this blog.

eddie said...

Updated! :D

Anonymous said...


please update it..

Anonymous said...

I think en.Bookfi.org is down now

Anonymous said...

http://www.plentyofebooks.net/ has expired. Please update.

eddie said...

Thanks! Done!

Anonymous said...

Please add this too http://www.allitebooks.com/

Anonymous said...

I believe http://libgen.io/ is the update of http://libgen.info

eddie said...

You are right, I updated the post!

Anonymous said...

check out http://bookdl.com/

Regnier Cano said...

I am looking for this book, Energy Landscapes: Applications to Clusters, Biomolecules and Glasses from David Wales.

Can someone help me ?

Anonymous said...

add this

eddie said...

Thanks for your contribution!

Anonymous said...

need this book: Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage. Can anyone help. An older edition would do as well.

Tia said...

Is bookzz.org down? It is not opening anymore...

Tia said...

Please add this too - http://golibgen.io

eddie said...


Anonymous said...

- bookfi.org is long gone
- bookzz.org has been down for a few days; not sure if this is temporary
- some alternative URLs to bookzz (apparently run by the same people) have come up, but I hesitate to post them right now

- t