Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to restore/save all open tabs when closing Firefox!!!

How do you restore all open tabs in Firefox?
Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts?

If you, like me, consider really annoying that Firefox (since the version 4!!!) DOES NOT ask you to save all your open tabs when you quit ... well here is the easy fix (in three simple steps) :)

On Linux and Windows.
  1. Type in the firefox address line about:config hit enter  and click "I'll be careful"  con the displayed page.
  2.  Now look for the entry browser.showQuitWarning. When you find it, just change its value from FALSE (the default) to TRUE by double-clicking on it.
  3.  Then look for the entry browser.warnOnRestart and set it to TRUE as well.

On Mac OS X the procedure is slightly different, indeed in the second step  you have to look for the variable browser.warnOnQuit.

That's it.



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