Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MAC: Keyboard shortcut to switch among different windows of the same program

Hello Everybody,
today I want to share with you this little trick I have just found, i.e. (as the title says) how to switch among different windows of the same program in MacOS.

So... As you know the combination cmd + TAB in Mac OS allows you to switch among different programs, but what if you have multiple windows of the same program (for example Firefox or Safari)?

Well in this case the combination you are looking for is:

 cmd + '  if you have an Italian layout for your keyboard...

otherwise it is

 cmd + 1 for all the other layouts  I have tested (American, German)

The " ' " is above the TAB key in the American keyboard and next to 0 in the Italian one. The little annoying thing is that while with "cmd + TAB" you get a row with all the icons of the open programs in the middle of the screen, in the case of "cmd + ' " you just switch sequencially among all the different windows while, I think, it would have been much nicer to show a row with thumbnails of all the windows (are you listening Cupertino?)

One more thing... 
The combination "cmd + TAB" switches from Left to Right everytime you press it, if you want to move in the other way to have to add a "SHIFT", so "cmd + SHIFT + TAB" to move from the right to the left. The same applies also for windows, you have to "cmd + '" and "cmd + SHIFT + '"

That's all Folk.


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