Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Install new dictionaries in WinEdt

On Windows, WinEdt is a great program for editing latex file, but in my opinion the procedure to install new dictionaries is quite poor.
In this post I'm gonna fix this in 10 easy steps!
This procedure applies to WinEdt 5.x but probably it works for 6.x too.

  1. Download the dictionary for the language you are interested in (for example German) from the website
  2. Unzip your file: You will see two files with extensions .txt and .dic. The most important is the second one.
  3. Locate within your WinEdt installation folder the subfolder "dict" .Usually it should be somewhere like: C:\Programs\WinEdt\dict
  4. Inside "dict" create another folder named after the language you want to install, in my case German.
  5. Copy the file .dic into the freshly created folder.
  6. Now it's time to tell WinEdt to load this dictionary. Launch WinEdt and select: Options-> Dictionary Manager
  7. Select "Insert" and give a meaningful name... for example "German"
  8. Select "Browse" (NOT!!! Load) and locate the file.dict you copied at step #5.
  9. Now check all the checkboxes you want, in my case: Enabled, Load on start,Save on Exit, Add New Words, Use for Completion, Compounded Words
  10. Enjoy your freshly installed dictionary!
 That's all folk!


Anonymous said...

Thaks a lot. It did not work quite the way you suggested on version 6 but it helped nonetheless. WinEdt support sucks big time.

eddie said...

I just posted what worked for me. I'm sorry that didn't work well in your case.
And definetely I agree with you, the WinEdt support simply sucks.

Michael said...

Eddie, thanks a lot ... I was just browsing through the net to find an easy explanation how to install the German dictionary - took me quite a while until I found your easy-to-understand "manual" ...
Thanks again & Danke, Michael (Dresden/Germany)

eddie said...

Hi Michael,
I'm glad you find it useful ;)

Dresden is a nice city, I was there two years ago!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Eddie,

your "tutorial" has been very useful to me!

Riccardo (Loano, Italy)

eddie said...

Non c'รจ di che Riccardo!