Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why I cannot remove/rename/move a certain file or folder on Windows?

One of the things really annoying on Windows is the impossibility to rename/move a folder or a file despite, apparently, no program is using it.

The dummy solution is to close ALL the program or even restart Windows!
I do not want to do that!

Well when this problem occurs,  there is probably a program using your file ... but how to find it?
The solution is to install this very simply and *FREE* utility called Unlocker available here.

Once installed, it will autostart by default (icon  in the systray) the program will prompt whenever there is a file o folder you cannot move, delete or rename.
Once click and it's done!

Pretty cool eh?

Just a short note.
This utility comes free of charge (however you can always donate!) but you have to know that the default installation installs also f*cking toolbar in your browsers and I hate toolbars!
Solution? Just tell the installer you are not interested by unchecking the proper checkbox.
Another short note
Just for the record, I assumed here that your file or folder was used by a program but there could be also other explanations as...

  • Your file is read only
  • You are trying to give a new name way too long and Windows can't handle it! Try to stay below 260 characters.

That's all folk!

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