Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Italian Words in How I Met Your Mother

In the last two seasons of how I met your mother, there are some Italian words/dialogues.
Here are the most important elements

HIMYM 8x21 - Romeward Bound.

The full episode in English is available here

In this episode of How I Met Your Mother, the first Italian words appear...

Scuncigli OR sconcigli : it's a kind of pasta, with a seashell shape.

Gigi ... alla porta: Gigi (it's a man name), let's go to the door.

Marshall in Little Italy says  Maronn! namely Madonna and corresponds to the English expression "Oh My God!" ... (you have how I much I laughed after having watched this scene!!!)

In the last scene, when Marshall talks with Lily, he says
"Andiamo, fratello. Non mangiarti tutti i Funions"
(Come on, bro. Don't Bogart all the Funions)

As Italian, I have to tell you that his pronunciation is really really bad! And it's interesting about this point, the comment available below ;)

Italians do not eat Funions Or Funyuns! They prefer other stuff like chipsters :)


HIMYM 9x20 Daisy

Full episode in English is available here

The Italian dialogue starts at 19:34

Marshall Eriksen: Andiamo Fratello non mangiarti tutti i Funyons
Lily Aldrin: Non me li sto pappando tutti, ce ne è un altro sacchetto in cucina

Marshall Eriksen:  Lily, Tesoro mio... sono io quello che ha impacchettato
e spedito tutti i Funyons qui da New York, perciò
sarebbe carino se non te li mangiassi tutti
Lily Aldrin: chi è che porta cibo in Italia? E' l'Italia!

Marshall Eriksen: Allora perché mangi i Funyons?!
Lily Aldrin: Non vuoi che mangio i tuoi Funyons? Bene!
Allora portiamo i bambini in piazza a mangiare il gelato.

Marshall Eriksen: Adesso sì che ragioniamo! Mickey! Andiamo a mangiare il gelato!
Mickey Aldrin: E' un'idea fantastica! Ho già preparato i bambini e tutto quanto!
Principessa! Andiamo a mangiare il gelato!
Judy Eriksen: Perfetto!

Marshall Eriksen: Miei bellissimi bambini!
Buongiorno Marvin!
Buongiorno... Daisy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm italian as well. The pronunciation was horrible (zero effort).

eddie said...

Well said! I thought exactly the same when I saw this episode!!!

Sophie_Goldy said...

I'm Hungarian but my second language in the high school is Italian and when I heard the pronunciation, I was freakin' out! ...and then I laughed.:D

eddie said...

Yeah, I laughed a lot too, especially when I saw the scene in Little Italy (just added to this post)! "Maronn" was memorable :)

Felisha J. Kim said...

it was supposed to be inaccurate and funny, he only said those words repeatedly hahaha

eddie said...


Michele Lannoye said...

A note on your notes:

1: Marshall’s pronunciation is suppose to be bad due to his limited Italian. Ted says he dropped the college course because it conflicted with being perpetually stoned, but he still knew how to say, “Come on, bro, don’t Bogart the Funyuns.” He knew how to convey meaning each time he answered Lily in the end of episode scene were he repeats that phase several times differently while using hand gestures. Even telling Lily that he loved her.
2: Back in college Marshall, Lily, & Ted ate quite a few sandwiches (Ted's Eating a Sandwich is the metaphor Future Ted uses for smoking cannabis). It's not meaning that Italians eat Funyuns but that stoners do.

eddie said...

Nice! Thanks for your contribution!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this!

eddie said...

Thanks for reading it!

Anonymous said...

I think funions is a mixup with funghi

eddie said...

Incidentally, yeah ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the objective was to pronounce it properly. That was part of the joke, him only knowing one phrase and not even that being proper.

eddie said...

Yeah, probably it can be considered part of the joke but anyway the "Maronn" excuses everything ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey does anyone have the Italian words Marshall's dream girlfriend says in the Season 8 Episode "Romeward Bound"?

The subtitles say:
Why don't we go and live in minnesota, where I will learn your mother's recipe for ham casserole.

But my italian isn't good enough to hear what she says and write down the words. Has anyone listened to it, and written the words she says in italian?

eddie said...

The girl at the restaurant says:
Girl: "Che lavoro fai?"
Marshall: "I used to be a lawyer."
Girl: "Che cosa fai adesso?"
Marshall: "I don't know anymore."
Girl: "Perché non andiamo a vivere in Minnesota, vicino a tua madre dove imparerò la ricetta per lo sformato al prosciutto."