Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to tell if eggs are still good

Today I want to discuss a tip that can be very useful in the kitchen.
How can you test if an egg is fresh or, at least, still eatable?

There are some ways to check it but the one I like the most is the sinking test.

Take a transparent bowl and fill it with some cold water. It can be also a big glass, but it's important that you can see through it. Put your egg *gently* in the water. Now, three things can happen:

A) if the egg sinks to the bottom, it's fresh. Very fresh!
B) if the egg sinks but stands on its point, it is about 7 days old and it's still eatable.
C) if the egg floats to the top, guess what?, you have to throw it away.

To make everything clearer I made I nice drawing :)

egg test in water

(source: myself )

This test works because the egg shells are porous and over time the liquid inside slowly evaporates ( being replaced by the air) making the egg buoyant.

As I told you, this is not the only way to test egg freshness, but it's the one I like the most.

For example, another way is to shake it near your ear: if you hear a distinct sloshing sound, the egg is NOT eatable. Very fresh eggs almost do not make a sound when shaken.

Again, another test it to open egg over a flat surface and look:

A fresh egg has a yolk that is in a well defined globe-shape, solid and sitting high over the egg white (albumen) that, by the way, encloses the yolk. Older eggs have a flatter yolk sitting on a more liquid egg white.

Useless to say, if you open the egg and it smells bad, it not a good idea to eat it!


Anonymous said...

So now you´re not only a talented cook, but also a great painter... trying to impress your female readers, are you? ;-)

eddie said...

No, I put the image just because makes easier to get indexed on google :)
You are the only one appreciating the painter's talents :)
Have a nice weekend!