Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Palazzo, Palace, Palais, Palast

Today I learnt that the English word Palace ( but the same applies for Palazzo, (Italian), Palais (French), Palast (German)  etc) comes from the Latin Palātium, that is the name of one of the seven hills of Rome (Palatine in English).

Long after the city grew to the seven hills the Palatine remained a desirable residential area. Emperor Caesar Augustus lived there in a purposely modest house only set apart from his neighbours by the two laurel trees planted to flank the front door as a sign of triumph granted by the Senate. His descendants, especially Nero, with his "Golden House" enlarged the house and grounds over and over until it took up the hill top. The word Palātium came to mean the residence of the emperor rather than the neighbourhood on top of the hill. (source wikipedia)

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