Monday, March 10, 2014

What do Fitzgerald, McFly and O'Connor have in common?

What Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (American Writer - The Great Gatsby), Martin McFly (the fictional character in  Back to the Future) and Sara O'Connor (fictional character in Terminator) have in common?
Well all of  them have a patronymic as surname.

Indeed Fitzgerald and McFly mean indeed "Son of Gerald" and "Son of Fly" respectively.
O'Connor  is slightly different, meaning grandson/descendant of Conchobhar (an Irish male name).
The "Mac" or "Mc" versions have Scottish origin, while Fitzgerald is English being Fitz closely related to the French "fils" meaning Son same for O' being an abbreviation for "of".
Other patronymic are pretty obvous as the English surnames ending by "son" like Carlson.

Many other patronomymics are listed on this wikipedia page.

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