Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why do fingers wrinkle in water?

Have you ever wondered why your fingers wrinkle when you do the washing-up?


As surprised as you might be, it seems that only recently scientists have found an explanation for this phenomenon. According to researchers of the Newcastle University, it could be the results of evolutionary development. 

The shrivelling of the skin on the fingers makes it easier to grip things underwater and pick up wet objects! 

Researcher Tom Smulders said: ‘Going back in time, this wrinkling of our fingers in wet conditions could have helped with gathering food from wet vegetation or streams.’ (source:

So, when you do the washing-up without gloves and your fingers get wrinkled, it's just your body telling you "Sir, can I improve your grip on that soapy dish of yours?" 

The small comic strip below seems perfect to close this post :)


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