Saturday, March 1, 2014

Your foot and your forarm have the same length

The other day I was lazily watching the beginning of Pretty Woman in TV, in my defence I want just something to hear while I was preparing my dinner :)
Anyway, at some point during the movie, a statement made by Vivian Ward (i.e. Julia Roberts) got my attention. She said to Edward Lewis (i.e. Richard Gere):

"You know, your foot's as big as your arm from your elbow to your wrist?"

As you are probably doing, I tested it immediately :) and it is true!

It turns out that, through the anthropometry (i.e. the study of the measure of the human body parts and their ratios), this is not the only amazing thing about the human body!
The study of the proportions is a quite ancient thing... do you know the famous Leonardo's Vitruvian Man?

(from wikipedia)

Ah, there are also other interesting correspondence, as
  • The length of the hand is about equal to the height of the face.
  • The width of the base of the nose is about equal to the width of one eye. 
  • The length of a man's arm span, measured from the tips of the middle fingers, is about equal to his height. 
  • etc..

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